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Scott Sampson 


The founder of CFI, Scott Sampson has over 30 years of qualifications and experience. He retired from the Calgary Police Service in 2011, with the rank of Detective after 23 years of service. The final 7 years of his career were spent in the Joint Forces Arson Unit. He received his diploma in Engineering Science Technology (EST) from SAIT and has an expansive list of certifications and training. Scott Sampson has the expertise that is essential in all investigations, along with an excellent working relationship with the Crown Prosecutors office, RCMP, Rocky View Fire Department, ATCO, private fire investigators, and the Calgary Police Service.


He has investigated over 1,700 fires and over 40 explosion investigations.
Scott Sampson is a licensed realtor allowing him access to real estate board websites to obtain pre-fire pictures of most structures; aiding in thorough documentation.    



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Brad Sampson


Brad Sampson, of Calgary Fire Investigations, graduated with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with a minor in Business from the University of Victoria. He has completed a number of courses and certifications including; NAFI Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator certification, NAFI Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator Certification, Professional Interviewing Certificate presented by the CPS and CFD,  and Ground School Certification through SAIT. 


Brad has investigated over 400 fires and 12 explosions, including structures, vehicles, heavy equipment, and industrial fires.

Cody Zebedee
CFEI, SCO-Fire B2 C2

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Cody Zebedee started as a firefighter in the town of High River in 1997, moved to being a captain in 2005, an inspector in 2018, and has moved to the role of Fire Chief of High River in 2019. Cody joined Calgary Fire Investigations as an investigator in 2020. He has investigated over 140 fires including but not limited to structure and vehicle fires. 

Cody has completed the safety codes officer C2 and B2, Fire Origin and Cause determination course at Lakeland College, hot wheels vehicle fire investigation, and is a first-year auto mechanic. Cody's CV can be accessed by the link. 



Lance Sampson


Lance Sampson has been a part of the fire field since 2009, working for the Rocky View Fire Services in the surrounding communities of Calgary. He took interest in Arson Investigation in 2012 when presented with the opportunity to work for Calgary fire Investigations. In 2016 Lance joined the Calgary Fire department, Lance has an excellent working relationship with all parties involved at Calgary Fire Investigating.


Lance is an Electrician by trade and finished his technical training at SAIT Polytechnic in 2013. Lance has a vast working knowledge of electrical codes, standards and building construction helping with Cause and Origin Investigation.

He has completed the following certifications; NAFI Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator certification, NAFI Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator Certification.


Kona The Arson Dog

Kona is an arson dog (accelerant detection canine) that has been trained to respond to trace amounts of flammable materials which could have been used to start a fire. Materials like gas, naphtha, butane, and kerosene, among many others, are known as “accelerants,” as accelerants can be used to accelerate a fire.

Kona is an 11-month-old purebred German Shepherd. His trainer and partner, Scott Sampson, started working with him at five months and he has quickly advanced through the training to become an arson dog. If you are interested in learning more about Kona please contact us to set up demonstrations. Alternatively, you can view training videos on our youTube channel here.