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Accelerant Detection Canine

Accelerant detection canine teams are trained to alert to the presence of ignitable liquids at fire scenes. The handler and dog walk the fire scene, and the dog indicates if it smells an ignitable liquid. The dog has been trained to ignore other odors present at the fire scene. If the dog does alert to an ignitable liquid, the handler marks the spot, often with a golf tee, and continues through the scene until the search is complete. Common Accelerants include gasoline, diesel fuel, paint thinner, kerosene, lamp oil, lighter fluid, and varsol. Not only is the canine team able to indicate the possible presence of an accelerant at a fire scene, but they can also be used to eliminate areas of a fire scene where an accelerant is not present. This allows investigators to focus their search on a smaller area, saving time and resources. 

The Team

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At Calgary Fire Investigations, we are proud to have Cleo and Kona, our accelerant detection canines in training, as part of our team. These two siblings are from a renowned local breeder and have been trained to use their powerful sense of smell to detect accelerants that may have been used to start a fire. Cleo and Kona are highly motivated and love to work, and you will often see them on scene with our experienced fire investigators. As part of their training, they work in a variety of environments and situations, helping us to quickly and accurately identify the presence of accelerants. We believe that Cleo and Kona are valuable members of our team. We are proud to offer their services to our clients as part of our commitment to providing the most comprehensive fire investigation services possible.

Accelerant Detection Canine

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