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360º Virtual Scan

360-degree scans allow us to take a 360-degree scan of a fire scene, exploring all areas of damage. This gives you access to the fire scene no matter where you are or where the fire took place. This tool has huge benefits in litigation, allowing you to bring the scene to the jury in its original state. This tool allows us to identify and verify findings from onsite inspection and share it with you from the comfort of your desk.

What Can Be Captured

  • The overall layout and structure of the building or area affected by the fire, including the location of doors, windows, and other entry and exit points.

  • The burn patterns and severity of the fire, which can help investigators determine the origin and cause of the fire.

  • The location and condition of any electrical equipment or wiring that may have caused or contributed to the fire.

  • The location of any potential hazards or safety violations, such as blocked exits or improperly stored flammable materials.

  • The condition of any fire suppression systems or equipment that may have been present at the scene, such as fire extinguishers or sprinkler systems.

The Benefits


Comprehensive view: A 360-degree scan provides a comprehensive view of the entire fire scene, which can help investigators understand the layout and structure of the building or area affected by the fire, and identify potential hazards or safety violations.

Accurate documentation: A 360-degree scan captures accurate and detailed documentation of the fire scene, including the location and severity of the fire, the presence of any accelerants or electrical equipment, and the condition of any fire suppression systems or equipment.

Evidence preservation: A 360-degree scan can help preserve evidence by capturing the scene in its original state, which can be useful in determining the cause and origin of the fire and supporting any legal proceedings that may arise.

Our Services

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